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If you are looking for guides on how to tell stories with data, automate your marketing, or talk to an expert about building a customized executive dashboard for your business, you can contact us here. With our customizable automated data visualization tools and dashboards, you can spend more time delivering value to customers than switching between datasheets and data platforms.

Executive Dashboard Metrics
What Metrics and KPiI should C-level executives use
Visual Thinking
How to use data and visual thinking to measure growth
Ideation Process
How to use data for Ideation workshops
Business Model Innovation
Should you innovate or use a copycat business model!
Market Research Framework
How to conduct Market Research
Customer Acquisition Strategies
How to get more customers with data driven marketing
Conversion Rate Optimization - Part 1
How to start your CRO Journey
Conversion Rate Optimization - Part 2
How to design your growth funnel and optimize conversion
Conversion Rate Optimization - Part 3
How to set conversion goals correctly
The Ultimate Resource for Entrepreneurs
A complete list of free and paid tools that every entrepreneur must have
How to Become an Entrepreneur
DOn;t learn it the hard way. There are always lessons that you can learn from other entrepreneurs
Case Study: Microsoft Inside Sales Strategy
A case study on how I helped Microsoft APAC team to overachieve their target
Growth Hacking Infographic
An interesting infographic about growth hacking techniques that lead to growth of startups
Business Model Patterns
A twisted version of business model hacks to launch and grow your business
Prioritization SKills
An easy to read article on how to get the best out of your day with art of prioritization
Growth Hacking Consulting
We help you implement the process, tools and train your team to run meaningful experiments