startup-tools1The Ultimate Startup Resource for Entrepreneurs (Updated: Feb 2017)

I’m sure that you agree with me that if I say, it would have been much easier to manage your business if you had the right startup resource, and a proven growth hacking strategy, right from the beginning, 

Right before I publish this post, I was dreaming of having access to the complete set of paid and free startup tools & entrepreneurship resources all in one place? 

All the tools, templates, playbooks, plugins, etc that all successful entrepreneurs have used to build a successful business.

Here is the dream come true!

I have curated a list of more than 140 resources for business startup  from the most reliable sourcesI’ve also divided these startup tools in 6 main categories to help you explore them easily.

Buckle up and Jump right in.

Disclaimer: The observation and selection criteria of these resources for business startup is based on usability and the value that these business start up kits add to modern startups. None of these links are affiliate links and I earn absolutely nothing from them, so enjoy this must go-to-guide to Plan, Launch, Manage & Growth Hack Your Startup or business.
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Download over 140 startup resource 

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Chapter 1: 28 Actionable Guides to build a successful startup – How to Build a solid Startup Foundation

If you’re new to the startup world – or looking to brush up on the basics of how to successfully run a business or launch a startup, This list of free startup training, definitive guides for entrepreneurs, and startup playbooks are the best go-to-guides to start your business. These startup resources helps any entrepreneur get their feet on a solid ground by providing you a set of start-up essentials you need to Launch and grow your business.”

YCombinator Startup Playbook : For those who are new to the world of startup and business, this playbook by@Sam Altman is a great place to start learning the basics.


The Lean Launch Pad, is a free online training by @Steveblank about how to build a

32 Metrics for Startups: are two separate articles 1) 16 Startup Metrics & 16 more startup Metrics by Andreesen Horowitz. These startup guides clearly listed down the most important 32 KPIs that any successful entrepreneur should have under control.16-startup-metrics

Get Business Credit is an interesting post that helps startups get credit without affecting their personal credit report.Get-Business-Credit

How to Create a $1M Web Business is an article by @Noah Kagan where he walks you through a step by step process to start your own success story.Noah

The Definitive Guide to Link Building is a great step by step SEO & Link building resource by @Brian Dean, one of my amazing mentors, for online startups to start focusing on ranking on google and important things right from the beginning and get great online exposure.Link-Building-Definitive-guide

Web Fundamentals: Google developers team has put together a great set of startup resources about Designing website and UI, Discovery and monetization, Security and identity, Performance and more.


Startup Failure Postmortems is an updated list of startups who could not make it and have failed, as well as the Top Reasons Startups Fail.

Startup Business Plan & Patterns, The Definitive Guide is a step by step framework that helps you craft your business model and design a feasible business plan for your startup.Unbundled-business-model If you are in ICT or technology driven startup, then you know that open source plays a great deal in your business. is a collection of open source libraries, modules and to use in your software projects.Librario

Business Model Canvas: a brilliant book that provides new approach to business planning and business models. Using business model canvas, you can design your business model and take your startup to market as fast as possible. Alex Osterwalder, the inventor of business model canvas shares his strategies and techniques onStrategizer Business Modeling Blog.Business-Model-Canvas not only complements business model canvas, it also provides startups with great features to visually collaborate and brainstorm.Morally

AlternativeTo is a new approach that helps you find alternatives to expensive software using crowd sourcing and recommendations. Tell them what application do you want to replace and they will recommend you great alternatives.Alternative-to

Startup Stash, is another curated directory of startup resources, training & tools that really help you build, and manage your Startup.Startup-stash

Canvasizer helps you craft your business plan using business model canvas. You can choose your type of work and create your business model.Canvanizer

How to do Customer Discovery is a series of recorded videos by Steve blank in which he explains the customer discovery process.Customer discover steve blank

Kevin Dewalt has another well explained blog for entrepreneurs and startup owners to learn more about Customer Development and growth hacking.Kevin-Dewalt

Word Safety: if you plan to launch globally, you wouldn’t want your startup’s name to convey a bad meaning. Word safety helps you check your word against swear words and unwanted associations in 19 languages.Wordsafety

Knowem gives you access to search and secure your domain name, brand or product name and trademark.Knowem

Name Smith assist entrepreneurs by suggesting business names and help you select the Business Names that are available.Namesmith

The Definitive Guide to Growth Hacking is a series of articles by Neil Patel that explains growth hacking techniques that boost your startup exposure.growth-hacking-Neil-Patel

Top 10 Books every entrepreneur must read

Over the past decade I’ve have found that almost all MBA programs are not as quickly updated to cater for entrepreneur’s need and prepare entrepreneurs to be able to compete in today’s fast changing digital market.

To be a successful entrepreneur you need to update yourself with the latest methods and approaches that differentiate your business, hence the top 10 books that every entrepreneur must read are listed here.

From Planning, marketing, strategy, innovation, venture capitalists (VC), You name it.

Business Model Generation and Value Proposition Design: by Alexander Osterwalder allows you to answer these two questions intelligently: “What’s your business model?” and “describes how to get product/market



The Lean Startup is an amazing must read book by Eric Ries. Lean startup approach is a combination of agile project management and customer development process . Implementing it correctly provides flexibility and agility to your startup.Lean-Startup-Book

The Hard Thing About Hard Things by Andreessen Horowitz offers essential advice on starting, growth hacking and managing your startup; practical wisdom for managing the toughest problems that no business school cover.THe hard thing

Talking to Humans: Success starts with understanding your customers is a practical guide to customer development that helps you learn the inevitable art of communicating with your customers and conduct effective customer interviews, find potential customers  and implement the techniques in real market.talking-to-humans

Blue Ocean Strategy continues to challenge everything you know about competing against competitors and help you understand the market types you are competing

Marketing-PlaybookThe Marketing Playbook by John Zagula and Richard Tong is all bout actionable techniques that help startups to continuously offer their service and genuinely compete against competitors.


Whoever has ever worked in business consulting industry should have heard about Porter’s 5 forces from Michael Porter, the father of competitive strategy. These 3 books of Porter are must read for startup CEOs: Competitive StrategyCompetitive Advantage, and On Competition.


Chapter 2: Top 22 Startup Resource, Market Research & Analytic Tools for Entrepreneurs” 

Market research tools are among the most important tools for entrepreneurs. To succeed, you need to asses not only your product but also your market and your competitors.

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Download over 140 startup resource 

and grow your business 10x faster than your rivals.
to Download over 140 startup tools, and resources, right now.

The list of Top analytic and market research tools (both free and paid) enables you to expand your knowledge about your startup market and conduct market research in a totally new way.

Google Consumer Surveys is an startup tool that enables entrepreneurs to create surveys and find out what customers want. It’s a powerful yet reasonable online market research resource for startups.

Google Trends shows entrepreneurs and startup owners trends and insights about what people do and search for on the internet. It is a free market research tool for entrepreneurs.

Google Insights can help you take your startup to market based on data, insights and what they mean for your customers.

Google’s Keyword Planner should be in every entrepreneur and marketer’s tool box. It can steer you in the right direction by providing you metrics and informing to gauge your keywords and the demand from the industry.

SEMrush is an amazing SEO platform and also a very useful competitor research tool for startups and online businesses.

PickFu is a useful tool for startups to get feedback before publishing or launching your product. You will get feedback and data outside of the current echo chamber you’ve created with your customers, community and true fans.

Google’s Customer Barometer helps you understand how people use the Internet across the world. It is an awesome tool for initial recommendations on what do your customers do online.

Open Strategy allows you to find the best startup strategy tools and market research resources for free and become a part of a growing community of planners, strategists, and business thinkers with Open Strategy.

Quora is one the most useful places on the internet to go and get your questions answered by really smart and experienced entrepreneurs. It is also a great place to perform market research if you want to know what customers love or hate about competitors in the space.

Change Detection is a free tool that has archived everything since 1999. It provides page change monitoring to monitor any website page for changes using a change log.

Internet Archive is another great tools for startups and digital marketers to find millions of free books, archived web pages, movies, software, music, and more.

Business Research Launch Pad: Although it doesn’t look modern, it has a great resource for entrepreneurs, business owners, marketers, managers, etc. You can either search by industry or by area of interest and the results will amaze you.

Data Hub is a free, and useful data management platform from the Open Knowledge Foundation. It has a great research tool called CKAN for managing and publishing collections of data, in case you are collecting data and wish to publish them.

Statista is not free like the other tools mentioned in this go-to guide for startups, but provides you access to relevant data from over 18,000 sources. You can even customize your search from a list of statistics, studies and reports in seconds.

Gartner is indeed one of the big players in market research in technology , especially IT, sector. Gartner’s predictions and trends, as well as researches and white papers have been useful to big corporations as well as startups.

Compass is a market research platform for E-commerce startups. They provide you a single dashboard to connect all your data sources and manage your metrics or benchmark your startup against the industry.

Biz Stats is a great market research tool that provide financial ratios and financial data about industries. Although it’s free, not many entrepreneurs have used it!

Analyze and Start Converting Visitors to Customers

In addition to market research, you need to analyze many factors when Your startup is online. Your startup should start converting visitors to users and users to revenue.

How? Using the analytics and data you find from your customers, you can understand what to offer, how much should you price it, and to whom should you target. The list below is the best list of analytics for entrepreneurs.”

Segment Analytics Academy is a free weekly course about analytics that helps you learn the basics of how to think about analytics and level-up to implementation strategies for what data to collect in your startup.

Kiss Metrics help startup & marketers to learn new strategies and provide them actionable analytics & techniques that convert visitors to customers.

Google Analytics provides a set of useful analytic tools for startups and online businesses to monitor their visitors behavior and their growth.

Amazon Analytics offers startup tools that work across all platforms and help you easily collect, visualize, measure and understand your app usage data at scale them.

Heap A nice analytical tool to use for startup websites or IOS mobile apps. It automatically captures every user action and enables you to measure it based on the facts and data.

Chapter 3: 23 Practical Tools & Plugins for Entrepreneurs

Go Online; Start Converting customers to Revenue: When Your startup is online, it should start converting visitors and users to revenue. How? This chapter is all about the tools and resources that takes your startup online and help you differentiate your business in digital world.

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Download over 140 startup resource 

and grow your business 10x faster than your rivals.
to Download over 140 startup tools, and resources, right now.

NameCheap is one of the best places to secure your startup domain name and get good services with reasonable price.

Bubble: A good option for entrepreneurs who don’t know how do and enables you to create web and mobile apps without coding.

Wix is a reasonable website builder for startups in case you are interested in designing and hosting on a free platform and then move to a premium.

Google Sites is another free service from Google for small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs to create and share webpages.

Weebly is a great startup resource and a free/paid platform that allows young entrepreneurs to quickly design a website and host it with Weebly.

Max CDN is a very reasonable service that helps you load your heavy contents such as your media using the Content Delivery Network technology. This way your sites load faster than ever.

Zoomerang enables entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and online marketers to use its free and paid service to conduct surveys and polls.

Qualtrics is a powerful startup resource and web-based market research platform that takes other elements such as customer experience and employee insights into account too.

Qualaroo offers a paid service to survey specific groups of website visitors and gain qualitative information. You can get better understanding of who your customers are, and what they’re looking for on your site.

Survata is another startup tool for conducting surveys and gathering consumer feedback for any business decision.

Super Simple Survey is one of startup resources that help entrepreneurs create beautiful surveys for all devices in just a few seconds.

Wufoo solved startup’s need to create contact forms for their visitors. Wufoo made it easy with its free and paid plans.

Typeform is a tool for startups to create engaging forms and research their target market or conduct any survey. It has a great workflow and beautiful UI.

PollDaddy is another startup resource from the creators of WordPress. It provides you powerful reporting & insights for all of your surveys and polls. You can even customize them to match your brand and budget.

Prefinery offers startups and not yet launched businesses a set of free and paid options to manage their Beta versions or launch campaigns.

Polltango is a very simple and free (till now) online form and poll builder for startups. Their value proposition is around flexibility to add a second question that gives you better insights from your results.

Instapage offers startups a useful tool to create landing pages with its free and paid plans.

Clickthroo offers startups and online businesses a landing page software platform with split-test, segment, personalize, and optimization features for landing page marketing campaigns without the need for hosting or third-party software.

Yoast SEO is a must have plugin for entrepreneurs who are using WordPress. It greatly helps you to perform basic on page SEO analysis and optimize your content for better exposure.

Add This offers plenty of free and paid options to make sharing of your website content easy. With no coding experience, you can set sharing buttons, email collection tools and enjoy the comprehensive dashboard of your site’s analytics.

Lead in from Hubspot enables you to capture any email interaction with your site. Easily Capture Leads on Your Website by configuring contact & lead capture engine on your website. No coding required.

Hotjar has free and paid plans for web entrepreneurs to use its Poll, Heat map and other customer analysis services to Understand what users want, care about and interact with on your site.

SumoMe offers a free and paid service to entrepreneurs who want to convert their visitors to customers. You can set a Welcome mat, use the heat map or sharing features to grow your list.

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Download over 140 startup resource 

and grow your business 10x faster than your rivals.
to Download over 140 startup tools, and resources, right now.
Choose the Business Pattern the helps you grow your business faster?

The Definitive guide to Business Plan & Business Pattern

The ultimate checklist that helps your find out what business pattern helps you grow your business 10x faster
How to design a Sales Strategy that works

The Microsoft's Sales Strategy Case Study - The Price Method

Everything you need to design a solid sales process, and sales plan for your B2B, and B2C business.
Become CRO Expert

The Definitive guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

How to increase your growth rate significanly through optimization techniques.

Download over 140 startup resource 

and grow your business 10x faster than your rivals.
Comienza a ser un experto e incrementa tu tasa de conversión un 145%.

Guía Definitiva Para La Optimización De Tasa De Conversió (CRO)

Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre estrategias CRO (estrategias de Optimización de la tasa de conversión). Descarga aquí.
Become CRO Expert

La guía definitiva  para la planificación y para los patrones de negocios

How to increase your growth rate significanly through optimization techniques.
How to make your customers love your brand.

The Ultimate Guide To Innovative Business Model Design

know what your customers want and give it to them
The Advanced Growth Hacking Gudie

How to Learn Growth Hacking, The Easiest way + (Infographic)

Learn actionable strategies that grow your business like a charm.

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