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SEO Optimization Hacks 2020


Quick Fixes: Landing Page Optimization

When it comes to SEO Hacks and improving landing page optimization, I know many entrepreneurs who try hard with basic on page optimization techniques or wordpress tools but still struggle to get more customers to their online business.
One big problem is that they don’t pay enough attention to conversion rate optimization techniques and how to attract customers online.
Sadly, it often gets worse when they invest on wrong growth hacking strategies like blind advertisements on Google AdWords.

Obviously Advertisement can boost your traffic, but if your landing page is not optimized for conversion, then the number of people who leave your website would be much more than those who stay and make any purchase.

Before applying any other technique, use a pen and paper and create a mind map with these keywords. It’ll give you a better Idea on what to optimize to gett more customers using Digital Marketing strategies.

  • How much revenue should I get with SEO at the bottom of the funnel?
  • Am I seeing all stage of the conversion funnel?
  • What web page should I build link to
  • how much website traffic do I need
  • micro conversions are done?
  • user experience improvement strategies
  • product or service and offering
  • How much social proof do I have
  • Is google ads for my business?
  • Should I focus on calls to action
  • How to optimise load times
  • HOw to increase my conversion rate
  • should I offer free trial
  • increasing the percentage or growth
  • How to do SEO for product pages
  • Who are my potential customer
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In fact, when it comes to customer acquisition and growth hacking, converting visitors to customers isn’t that difficult if you know what to tweak in your site.

In case you have difficulty driving customers to your website, this article gets you up to speed and help you convert more visitors to customers than before.

I have listed three essential ways to get more customers. If you get these three areas in control, you can expect amazing improvement in your user acquisition process because it helps you optimize your website, increase your conversion rate, and convert visitors to customers.

#1: Higher performance = Better Customer Acquisition Rate
Giving a pleasant experience to your visitors is a no-brainer in growth hacking strategies. Although design plays a good role here, to attract customers to your business and keep them on your site nothing is more important than your loading time.
The faster your site loads the sooner you can get your products or services in front of your customers.
Follow these 3 steps to find out what’s going on with your site and improve it the soonest possible.

Step 1: Test your website’s speed.
There are plenty of websites that provide free service to test your website’s speed. Among all of them, Google Page Speed Tool and Pingdom provide more accurate results, they use different metrics though.

a) Check your website’s performance from 3 different servers.
Assuming that you would get customers from different part of the world, it would be necessary to see how your server serves your website to different countries.

b) Go through the reports and find out more about your website’s issues.
The reports show you the elements that cause low performance in your website. The good news is that you don’t need to be technical savvy to understand what the issues are.

It didn’t look that bad on paper but the conversion was awful.

Step 2: Focus on Conversion factors and fix the issues.
Two of the most significant root causes that lead to bad customer experience due to high waiting time are listed below.

• Leverage on Browser Caching
Your landing page can load faster if you leverage on browser caching technologies. There are plenty of plugins that helps you improve your landing page performance through browser caching. The best two plugins that are easy to set up and work well are WP Super cache, and Cache Enabler

• Use Lay Load Plugins
In case your landing page has lots of media files, you can use a free technology called Lazy-Load and improve your landing page’s speed.
Lazy load does not load the entire page at one time, instead, it shows the images and other medias to your visitors the moment they scroll down and see the content. Lazy-Load is an absolutely essential plugin.

Quick Fixes: Go Premium

Step 3: Go Premium. *

a) Using SSL is no Premium but you’d be surprise to hear that when we offer seo services in sydney we come across many cases that there are plenty of websites who are not both Mobile friendly and Not secured by SSL.
If it was 10 years ago, I wouldn’t include SSL here because it would have cost you thousands of dollars. But today, you can even include it in your marketing strategy to get customers because not only it helps improve branding, you can also get your site SSL secured with less than $50.

Having an SSL certificate gives your customer piece of mind that their credit card, personal info, and purchase history won’t be shared or misused by unauthorized people. It also indicates about how serious you are in your online business and how much you value your customer experience.

b) Use a decent CDN.
Your site’s speed heavily depends on the amount of media you host on your website, i.e. images, videos, animations, etc.
If your server is hosted in U.S, where majority of service providers host their websites, your visitors from different part of the country might experience different loading time.

The situation might even get worse for visitors who are trying to access your website from Europe, Asia, and Australia because they have to wait for the data to be served from your U.S server.

Content delivery network or CDN keeps a copy of your static contents such as media in different endpoints in different countries and serve your visitors from there. In plain English, your users will see a much faster website because the heavy contents are delivered from the nearest endpoint.

If you are not technical, using Cloudflare and MaxCDN are good options. If you are a Microsoft BizSpark Customer, you can setup your own CDN and manage it internally.

A while ago I published the ultimate startup resource for entrepreneurs. I have included more than 140 resources and decided to add their images to the page too. The page went viral and started to get good hit.

Before I move to a CDN, that page was receiving more than 1400 visitors per month and increasing. Sadly, I came to know that my bounce rate is increasing. After a bit of experiment, I saw a shocking result: it took 60 seconds to load.

The magic happened after I set up my CDN on Azure, the loading time was reduced to 10x faster in Australia, and reached to less than 2 seconds in US.

c) Move to a dedicated server.
It makes absolutely no sense to pay for a dedicated server if you are not sure about your business model or market response to your online business.
In fact, using a shared hosting is a good option, however, the soonest you see some traction on your business, you’d have to t think of moving to a better server and provide seamless experience to your users.

Your server response time plays a huge role on your customer experience. You can see how did my bounced rate improved from 39.52% to 5.50% when I moved to a dedicated server.

*- Step three is optional as it cost you money. The best way to see whether investing on these add-ons make sense or not is to calculate your ROI.
If you are in The U.S.A and you have a considerable number of customers in other part of the world experience long loading time, it would be better to consider using a CDN.

Optimize Contents to Get more Customers

As soon as your infrastructure is ready, you have to move on to optimize the most important factor for attracting customers to your website: Your contents.
You have less than 6 seconds to grab a visitor’s attention; the sooner you do that the better.
There are seven influencing factors in content optimization that you must pay attention to, every time you craft a piece of content.

1) Optimize Your URL.
Although it might sound strange as many people don’t consider their article’s URL part of their content. The truth is that it is one of the most important elements of your content.

Search engines see your content from their Crawling-Bot’s eye and those Bots love good URLs. A good URL should help you rank your content and put you above your competitors. Make sure you put the keyword you want to rank with at the beginning of your URL. Avoid using Stop words such as ‘of ‘, ‘or’, ‘the’, etc.

Pro Tip: Don’t panic in case you found out that you need to optimize your URL but you have already published your page and google has crawled it. There is an easy fix for it. The best way to optimize your URL after being published is to use a 301 redirect. You can use the very easy to use Eggplant 301 Redirects.

For instance, I published an article about entrepreneurship skills and market research, but I focused on entrepreneurship skills only. Later on I found that my article has much higher potential to rank for Market research, so I went ahead and optimized the content and changed the URL to market research.

2) Polish Your Title.
Your title is the first thing your visitors see. Not only when they land on your site.
Add the exact keywords you want to optimize for to your page title tag, a great tutorial that helps you optimize your title tag is Moz Learn. Here is The Moz Report looks like.

3) Have an Spot on Call to Action – CTA
Call-to-action (CTA) buttons are web or mobile elements that encourage your visitors to take actions. Primary CTAs are meant to convert visitors to customers. You can still use secondary CTAs for those who are not yet ready to convert.

An example of a Secondary CTA is a “Like us on Facebook” Button.
A perfect CTA on an optimized page Has these Criteria:

a. Short and Sweat. Don’t write more than two words in your button.
b. Use Adverbs of Time. Your CTA is meant to intrigue visitors to take an action. Use words like Today, Now, or terms that conveys urgency.
c. Make it available to everyone. Your visitor shouldn’t search for your call to actions. It has to be the first thing they see.

4) Include Link – (Internal and External)
It’s very annoying to read an article that just speaks high level. Doing things s not about “What” anymore. You must focus on writing epic contents to write a content that grabs visitor’s attention.

It’s sometimes very difficult to write a content that covers everything, from soup to nuts; that’s where links come to the picture. Adding internal links helps you keep users on your site and reduce your bounce rate by promoting your contents.

On the other hand, if you ask a SEO agency in australia they probably won’t tell you this but including external links to other websites not only add value to your SEO factors, it also supports your ideas and gives your visitors an authoritative alternative to refer to and validate your content.

5) Use Share Buttons
Providing social share opportunities in your page is must. The more your content gets shared, your social signals become higher.
Fortuitously, there is no need to know how to code in order to include a social share button and attract visitors to share your content. Simply head to startup Resource for entrepreneurs and find, then sign up for a free account and register your site. You will have plenty of free and paid options to add to your page.

Make sure you enable Mobile share too. Since majority of web users use their smartphone, enabling the social share helps you get more share triggers and develop better online exposure.

A research by Campaign monitor shows that About 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices. McKinsey found out that email is 40x more effective in customer acquisition in comparison with social medias like Facebook and Twitter.
conversion#3- build an audience through List Building strategy
I know you have heard that you should have a great product to run a successful business. Rather unfortunately, you have to forget what you have learn as that’s absolutely wrong, at least in this era!
The truth is that no one likes your product except your friends and your Mom, I know that might sound harsh but that’s the truth. Instead of investing your time and money on building a product that you have no proof that people will love it, why not take a step back and focus on how to attract customers to your business.
What’s the Work-around?

The right way to attract customers to your business is to build an audience first. Once you build your audience, you ought to engage them and make sure the remember what your business stands for. Finally ask them about what they want. At that point, you can move to building your product.

The main question you should be asking yourself is ‘how to get customers email’.
Why Email marketing and finding customer’s email is important? Because the chances that you change your email address is around zero, so does your customer. Once you have their permanent contact you can reach out to them and start building relationship.
I have listed down 3 methods that works like magic. Let your visitors show their interest about your contents.
How would you do that?

a) Fixed Bars.
using a fixed bar or sticky bar is one of the best ways to raise awareness about a recent change, or a new product you want your prospects to visit.

Fixed bars work best when they are placed at the top of your page, so it’s always visible to both mobile users and web surfer when they scroll down. Among premium fixed bars, I’d say Hello bar has a good reputation among marketers. If you are looking for free & paid options is a great choice.

a. Sticky Smart Bars
Smart bars are modern and conditional sticky bars. You can apply some conditions on them. For instance, you can set the bar to disappear when your user is reading but it slides in the moment your visitors lose interest and scrolls up.

b) Opt-in Forms
Opt in forms are, in large, the most efficient way to collect email address and build a list. Just place them on your sidebars, in the header or footer. The secret to use an outstanding opt-in form is to convey a very precise message.

Your title should be absolutely on the money. Do not try to promote your products, instead, try to offer something valuable in exchange for an email address. A good example of what you can offer is exclusive tips, promotion codes, membership, trial period, etc.

The last piece of puzzle is to automate your form to a mail service such as Mailchimp or Aweber. This way, the moment your visitors opt in, you have their contacts stored in a safe place, ready to be used in your future campaigns.

c) Pop-up forms
If used correctly, popups can dramatically increase your list building conversion rate. On the contrary, if you don’t implement it the right way you will be out of business very soon.

Here is the trick, using popups during someone’s visit is like your shopping experience in Chinatown. The moment you enter a shop, someone follows you and keep saying “Yes”, “Anything you’re looking for”, etc. If you had experienced what I’m talking about you know how annoying it is.

The same concept applies to digital world too. Showing one popup after another can even put off your potential leads.
A great list building strategy is to use an exit intent popup and capture their attention before they leave your site. If you really offer something valuable, you will get plenty of potential customers.

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