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Growth Hacking Masterclass


Study at your own term, In The Next 10 Weeks
And grow your business 10 times faster

  • Start Here
  • Module 1
  • Focus on your business, and offerings

    Advanced Growth Hacking Framework
    Ranking Factors
    Customer Discovery Process
    Value Proposition & Product-Market-Fit Strategy
  • Optimize your Unique selling point, and Sales funnel

    The LBC™ Technique
    Sales Funnel Automation
    1st Coaching Session
    Implementation Plan, Phase 1
  • Module 2
  • Market Intelligence

    Finding the Right Market to penetrate
    Discover Customer’s Buying Patterns
    Reverse Engineering Techniques
  • Competitor Analysis

    Discovering Traffic Sources of your Rivals
    Discovering Rival’s Paid Marketing Strategy
  • Online Marketing Research

    Advanced Keyword Research
    Organic Hacks
    Link Building with Ranking Boosters
  • Implementation Week

    Insider Lesson
    Second Coaching Session*
    Implementation Phase 2
  • Module 3
  • Content Marketing

    Content Creation strategy – Part 1
    Content Creation strategy – Part 2
    Content Creation strategy – Part 3
  • Link Building & Outreach Strategies

    Link Building & Content Promotion – Part 1
    Link Building & Content Promotion – Part 2
    Link Building & Content Promotion – Part 3
    Link Building & Content Promotion – Part 4
  • Implementation Week

    Insider Lesson
    Third Coaching Session*
  • Optimization Strategies

    Landing Page Optimization
    Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Advanced Hacks & Bonuses

    Viral Marketing Strategy
    Advanced SEO Hacks
  • Graduation

In addition to that
You’ll also …

 Customer Acquisition

Learn my in-dept, yet easy to implement process of attracting customers, and turning the into loyal customers.

 Innovative Business Patterns

Get access to everything you need to craft a unique product that people love to buy, and turn your ideas to a lucrative.

Content Marketing

Master the art of content creation, and content promotion, and learn the secrets that get you featured on authoritative magazines in your niche.

Innovative Business Patterns

I’ll teach you how to build relationship with influencers in your industry to grow your business, and create brand affinity.

 Market Intelligence

Discover your customer’s buying pattern, Customer Persona and their shopping Pattern in a few simple steps.

Digital Marketing Strategies

The most effective digital marketing and growth Hacking strategies to kick start, grow, and scale your business, 10x faster.


How about some Proofs
Don’t take My Word For it.


Ehsan is the creator of the Advanced Growth Hacking program. He is known for his pioneering approach towards growth hacking strategies…


Listed as Top 20 Growth Hacker in 2016

Forbes Magazine


Increase revenue by 239% in 3 months

Microsoft APAC


Here is a case study about how I helped Microsoft to achieve 239% revenue target in 3 months.


Ehsan Jahandarpour is a startup coach and growth hacker. He helps companies like Microsoft, PETRONAS, and BBDO grow their business.


Featured Author on Growth Hacking

Entrepreneur Magazine


I’ve Helped These Companies
grow their business with the same strategies.


Exclusive Bonus


Having access to the Growth Hacking Mastermind group is on invitation based only. We talk about quality, not quantity.  It means the quantity of people who are in the group is not huge but the value they they bring to the table is enormous.

That means having access to me, and other students, and graduates, and get unlimited support to address your challenges.

Invitation Only
Mastermind Group Of Growth Hackers


money-back-guaranteeYou’re Protected, 100%.

What does it Mean?
If at ANY TIME in the next 30 days you feel you are not getting any benefit, or joining this program was a mistake, just drop me a line to info at jahandarpour dot com and I’ll refund every penny right away. No Questions Asked.

Bear in mind… Taking your business to the next level using growth hacking strategies requires your commitment, So, in case you are not sure about what you want to do or you are not willing to commit to the growth of your own business, I strongly suggest you not to enroll for this batch.

So far, the companies that I helped –like Microsoft– did not ask for any refund, and I’m confident that you won’t too, However, if you changed your mind in the next 30 days, this 30 days money back guarantee protects you. You may read the complete terms & condition here.


What’s the Deal
The comes with Money Back Guarantee


A cup of Coffee Per Week in exchange for Lifetime Support for your business

15 Days Trial

$1515 Days Acces
$1515 Days Acces
  • 15 days full access to Module 1
    Business Model Business Patterns Sales Funnel Optimization Custmer Discovery Process Growth Hacking Framework All Worksheets, and templates are included
  • Your Own Implementation Plan
  • Email Support from me
    Free coaching session through skype (Worth $300)

VIP - lifetime

$ 299
$ 299
  • Lifetime Access To All Modules, Lessons, and Materials
  • Your Own Implementation Plan
  • Lifetime Access to Updated Course Materials
  • 1 Year Exclusive Access to Growth Hacking Mastermind Group
  • One-to-one Coaching Session
    Free coaching session through skype (Worth $300)
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee