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Best Digital Marketing Platforms


In the simplest terms, digital marketing platforms are means for running marketing campaigns and monitoring the results. Today, digital marketing strategy is a must-have action plan for small and medium businesses. Small business owners are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve their exposure in the marketplace, increase consumer awareness, and improve sales. They also want to make sure that they’re maximizing all aspects of their marketing budget. the question is this: what are the best digital marketing and social media platforms for your business

Best paid media platforms

There are many different digital marketing platforms out there. These platforms are typically divided into two categories: those that are web-based and those that are software applications. The truth is that some marketers find it easier to work with one or the other, but for the most part, both can be equally useful. To help you decide whether you should be using a web-based platform or an application, consider the following factors:

Content automation platform

What types of content are you currently providing via your digital marketing platforms? If you’re focusing on providing text-based ads, videos, or social media content, you should make sure that you’re targeting audiences who are likely to be interested in the offerings you provide. While this may seem obvious, some advertisers focus on certain demographics such as seniors and may miss entirely target audiences by mistake. For instance, if you’re advertising on a channel that is focused on seniors, you may not reach the audience on the age group that advertisers target. However, if you had a video containing a lot of baby boomers talking about how great life was before retirement, you may get tons of views from this age group.

How does your current advertising budget meet your goals? This is one of the biggest reasons why so many marketers choose to use digital marketing platforms versus traditional marketing tools. Most advertising budgets are quite limited, and it’s difficult to gauge where you’ll need to advertise. Traditional methods may include newspaper ads, TV ads, and even fliers. But with platforms, you only pay when people actually click on your ad.

CRM Platforms

Don’t forget to collect customer information and safely keep them in your CRM. Can your affiliate marketing campaigns be effectively integrated into digital marketing platforms? This is one of the biggest challenges for affiliate marketing teams that have been established and rely heavily on SEO for success. Because of this, many affiliates try to do too much on the SEO side and forget to concentrate on the other aspects of their campaigns. Digital marketing tools should allow you to seamlessly integrate your PPC and SEO efforts, but allowing your staff to focus solely on those aspects can lead to operational blunders.

Top digital marketing platforms

What platforms are available to manage your PPC and SEO campaigns? Most search engines have search marketing platforms that allow you to manage your PPC campaigns. You can also upload your campaigns to Google AdWords, and use third-party software to manage your PPC campaigns. But the real question is how you can get these media marketing platforms to work for your business? Most businesses struggle to find a medium between themselves and the search engines, and therefore don’t benefit when their PPC campaigns fail.

The reason your PPC campaigns fail in the face of search engines is because they fail to reach their targeted audience. Your targeted demographic might not be on the web. Or they may have changed their minds about buying now. But because they aren’t using online channels to find you, your campaigns are likely doomed. By creating an effective network of online channels, you can ensure your campaigns are reaching the right people and giving you results.

Best Chat Bot Platforms

Can your digital marketing platforms support chatbots? Have you considered chatbot builders as a part of your campaign integration strategy? Chat Bots are automated programs (hence the name) which enable your online channels to respond to consumer questions, and even to converse back to the consumers who’ve asked the questions. This eliminates a lot of the manual human work associated with making sure that your website and online channels are always seen and visited. When you consider it this way, it’s easy to understand why the big names in the online marketing space are all jumping on the chatbot bandwagon.

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