CRO: The Definitive Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization 
(Part 4)


13 Actionable Steps to Get Higher Conversion Rate.

I outlined 13 actionable yet super easy to implement strategies to help you optimize your website for higher conversion rate.

1) Reduce the number of ads & banners.
Even if your main revenue stream is through advertisement,
You can still add value to your visitor’s time and provide your users with a professional design that is systematically programmed to attract customers and convert them to leads.

Try to reduce the number of ads shown on a page,
And remove all of the unnecessary banners.
If you wish to promote your service to your visitors while they are on your website,
You can use re-targeting strategies,
And use cookie-based tools to show different offers that matches your visitors persona

2) Use Exit Intent Popups
Don’t forget to ask at the end. 
Using exit intent Popups is a great tool to ask your customers if they would consider opting-in just before they leave your website. has examined 100 exit intents and found this:
According to a research, you can acquire about 10% to 15% of lost visitors just by using exit-intent popups.
That means, you can get another 10 to 15 percent of your visitors to respond to your well-crafted exit intent popup.

Now, if you are concerned about your professional design and look and feel of your page,
you can get your programmer to use simple CSS codes
and design a popup that matches your user interface.


3) Use The right font size.
As an online business owner, you won’t really need to spend a fortune on
Redesigning your outlet,
But you have to make sure that your website is presented with care.

It’s a proven fact that customers will immediately conduct the eye ball test,
and make the call to either reject the website or stay a bit longer.
Now, design of the pages play a huge role,
But sing the right Font is among the most important factors that impact your conversion rate.

To pass the eye ball test,
you must use the right font, and the right size.
If your theme and template has very large or very small fonts,
you can use easy hacks like html or CSS codes and change your font size to match your business.

It does not cost you a penny, but can get you a ton of more leads.
4) Length Matters;
Write you pages with the right length.
There is no rock solid strategy to read and implement and design your page
But it’s well known that , today, people are more visual,
and more interested in visual contents,
So, reading lengthy texts is not something that everyone likes to do.

The truth is that it all goes back to
Your business nature,
And the quality of your content.

For instance, The definite guide to conversion rate optimization (that you are reading now)
Is among the most read contents on my website,
and it has about 7000 words,
Let aside the visuals.

So, it’s a myth that lengthy pages won’t work.
However, including infographics, animated visuals, and videos,
can help you skyrocket your conversion rate, and significantly lower your bounce rate.

By the way, writing short, thin and low quality posts
hurts your Search engine optimization efforts,
And can even impact your SEO negatively and your traffic.

Consider writing High quality, valuable and lengthy posts
with minimum 1000 words
and make sure to use the right keywords in your text, title, subtitles, etc.

Don’t forget to focus on problem statement, and
value proposition in your first paragraph,
and continue supporting your claim with actionable, step-by-step strategies or how-to guides..

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5) Improve the readability
Flesch–Kincaid grade matters to readers.
Since your main users are human, you must make sure your contents are appealing to them.
Writing contents that are easily understood by common people can
improve your SEO ranking and
engage readers to keep reading.

The best way to write the content is to keep the sentences short and to the point,
And make sure to connect them to each other.

Avoid writing long paragraphs and sentences.
Instead, try to craft your contents with Flesch Reading Ease score of at least 40(the higher, the better) and Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level of At least 10.

To know your Flesch–Kincaid grade or readability indicator,
write and complete your article on Microsoft word
and then press F7.

The word processor will analyze your piece of content and
present you with a popup that contains your score.
In case you score is not within the acceptable range,
you should consider revising your sentences, punctuation, etc.
and replace difficult words with easier ones.

6) The world has gone mobile, have you?
People are 5 times more likely to leave your website if it’s not mobile friendly.
And that’s a proven fact by google.

You want to see it yourself, Be my guest and

head to test my site by Think Google and enter your URL.
Google will analyze your site and show you something like this image.
You can click on view the details to know your issues, and make your Website Mobile Friendly to provide better experience to mobile users.
People are 5 times more likely to leave your website if it’s not mobile friendly.
And that’s a proven fact by google.

7) The Faster, the better.
Reduce your landing page’s Loading Time
You have maximum 5 seconds to grab your customer’s attention and imagine,
You customer has to wait 5 seconds to see what have you put up on your website!
That’s a disaster.

NO one likes to wait for a page to load, especially in today’s fact pace world.
You can use technologies like easy load,
Or Content delivery network, also known as CDN

To load your static contents like scripts, images, etc.
Make sure to read 3 Easy Ways to Get More Customers through landing page optimization,
as I’ve clearly elaborated the best tactics to reduce your loading time
and optimize your landing page.

8) Simplify the forms
Opt-ins, Registration, Checkout, etc.
If your visitor decides to opt-in for your lead magnet,
Or buy your prduct, Or even try it for free,
You should make it as smooth as possible for him/her.

You really don’t need to ask them about every single details,
Like their last name,
Phone Number,
Their first name,

Begin with collecting one information
Like Email address,
Or in consulting businesses, their phone number,
And initiate your engagement.
Once your customer responds, You can as them for more information.

Offer a single integrated button that allows visitors to register using their email address
or any preferred social media account. If you really need to know their birth day and post code, you ask them to update their profile AFTER they opt in.

Don’t forget the fact that people want to achieve things fast and in a fun way,
so don’t over-complicate their interactions with your site.
9) Checkout Page is not an Exemption!
Then Simplify Your Checkout Page too
You can destroy all of your optimization efforts by
over complicating your checkout process.
Psychologically, your customers would be looking for an opportunity to negotiate and get a better deal,
and out of sudden you surprise them with additional fees such as VAT, Shipping, etc.

That can put off a serious buyer too!

You should make the checkout process as seamless and smooth as possible,
So, it would not be difficult to calculate every cost at your end
and show the final price or final quote to your visitors.
Something like an all-inclusive price.

Here is the trick,
Lack of transparency especially in check out page,
will ruin your trust-relationship and drastically drop your conversion rate.

10) Display trust logos
Whether you own a branded e-commerce shop
or a new online business website,
You need to gain your customers trust, so they feel safe to enter their credit card information,
Or PayPal credentials
And make the payment.

Since trust plays a great role in user acquisition,
And how they decide to make any purchase from an online website or not,
You can improve your growth rate by
displaying trust logos such as
secure payment,
or “No Spam Newsletter”,
Secured by (Your SSL certificate issuer)
etc. and give confidence to your visitors that
their personal information is safe with you.

11) Optimize Your Call to Action – CTA
You call to actions exist to encourage visitors to “Take Action“.
Make sure to include CTA optimization goals in your CRO plan,
And test a few experiments to see what type of button,
What kind of message,
What color,
And what position helps you increase your conversion rate.

The most common mistakes that marketers do is
to design a treasure hunt game for their users and
make it their visitor’s mission to find the right call to action button.

Remember, the golden rules of CRO:
– Your CTA must be Visible
– You must NOT use more than one call to action per page.

Every call to action in one page should serve one objective among all your predefined goals.
Do your best effort to find out the best place for your call to action button,
and remember the F share,
So preferably at the top right or top left side of your landing page.

12) Write Titles to stand out
Engaging Copywriting is the secret behind successful content marketing,
And Titles play a huge role in increasing your click through rate, CTR.

Using titles, and H1, H2, H3, etc. subtitles can increase your SEO ranking,
but the most important factor in using Headings and titles
is to convey a clear message,
and encourage users to take action.
The most important elements of your titles are:
– Numbers
– Symbols
– Power words
– Words that convey curiosity,
– And Scarcity

Avoid using neutral words or stop words,
instead try to fit in some encouraging words like “You”, “Today”, “Quick”, “Free”, etc.

13) Use Social Proofs
Let people know that you are for Real
Using your previous client’s logo,
displaying honest and realistic testimonial

or recommendations from happy customers
with their picture, and link to their profile
can add great value to your customer experience
and ultimately your conversion rate optimization strategy

In fact, great customer experience
that combines with valid social proofs
not only strengthen your brand and boost your conversion rate,
it also generates more revenue for your business too.

You have come a long way in this article, and I’m sure you have learned a lot about conversion rate optimization.
Do me a favor, and let me know what you think about it
Or share the conversion rate optimization strategies
That you use,.

I can only help you Grow, the rest is off the table.

Whether you are an affiliate marketer or an entrepreneur with your own product, You can win it.

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